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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Unluckiest Ever !!!

I saw this post on the 2 plus 2 forum and thoght it was good enough to share;

So many points ring true and especially to the major donks at the table "complaining with their selective memories"


"This empty feeling. This pain. Why Betfair, why? I have to be the unluckiest player in the world!" Anyone else familiar with these emotions? No? I didn't think so. I'm probably the only one. I remember reading an article once about how we always think that we ended up choosing the wrong line in store, or the wrong lane in traffic. I have saved a quote in my mind going something like: "I always pick the wrong line! The guy who enters a line behind me always gets to the register before I do." But when we get into a line that moves quick and smooth, we don't remember because there's nothing to complain about.It's just what's supposed to happen. But everytime the line moves a bit slower, and the old lady infront of us can't find her money, we remember. "..that #@$"#%$ old "£$#"¤% lady!"

If you already get my point, the rest of this post is probably irrelevant. But to the ones who are not quite there yet, help yourselves.If we compare the example above to poker, it’s somewhat similar (besides that in poker you have two cards in your hand and yadeyadeyade…). We remember the times we lose with AA vs. KK, KK vs. QQ, QQ vs. JJ, some of us even remember the times when we lose with QQ vs. AK. But what about the times we hit our flush in a 4-way pot, and we scoop in a 400bb pot? Or the times we flop a set, and we get paid by TPWK? Or even the times when we suck out on the river by hitting a backdoor flush (which we didn't even notice) with KK vs. a flopped set? We forget those situations. It's just suppose to happen.

Selective memories makes us think that we run bad. To take another example. You are standing in front of a locked door. You have two keys in your hand. You know that one of the two keys is one to unlock the door. It’s really cold, maybe even freezing, rainy and windy (in other words: typical Faroese weather). You are shivering, so it’s not easy to control the key into the lock. You put one of the keys into the lock, but what happens? Of course, the lock doesn’t turn!

And you start cursing and swearing, why this always happens to you. If you on the other hand had chosen the key which unlocked the door first, “well… that was just the way it’s supposed to be”, and we don’t think more about it. When we win a flip, we don't remember, but every time we lose a flip we curse and complain (and most importantly, don't forget). It’s like our brain is systemized to protect our egoism. To protect all the flaws and mistakes we make. I’m a huge Manchester United supporter, and I was really angry about some of the decisions the referee made in the weekend-game against Chelsea, especially when he awarded Ashley Cole the free-kick which lead to the goal. (In my eyes) it was perfectly clean tackle by Darren Fletcher. I talked to some of my friends who are Chelsea supporters, and they thought I was crazy; they even thought that Darren Fletcher should have had the red card. This is probably not the best example in the world, but I think it shows, how our brain (miss)leads us into thinking, what is best for us is also right. Let’s say the referee awarded the free-kick, and they didn’t score. It would be like flopping a set, your opponent turns a flush, and we hit a boat on river.

“What? That’s just supposed to happen...”Poker is a very simple game. It's basically a deck of random cards with random numbers and colors. Any card can fall at any time. I'm not saying that poker is all about luck, not at all. But even the best hand in poker is only a 4-1 favorite against pocket deuces. Put it this way. If you take a bag of balls, put 80 red ones and 20 blue ones in it. If you were to pick one of the balls without looking, you'd pick a red one most of the time, but definetly not every time.

That's also why the best poker players win in the long run, they get it in with the most red balls to choose from when it really matters, but sometimes your opponent picks the blue ball. I have played poker seriously for something like four years, and it has taught me quite a lot about gambling, and about life in general. Especially how simpleminded and self centered we are as human beings. Most (read: ALL!) poker players think they are better than they actually are. It's human nature.

I used to play the NL500 and (seldom) NL1000 games on betfair. I used to do really well, and of course I thought I was one of (if not THE) best player at these stakes. I made a living, and a damn good one as well. Now when I think back, I probably made more money than lawyers and doctors do (note: I was a schoolboy(!)). For some reason I stopped playing poker (I blame the pursuit of becoming a professional football player, but nevertheless I stopped), and when I look back at that time, I’m thinking: Was I really that good, or were the other just bad? and the more I think, the likelier the latter becomes.

Even though I was winning and winning big, I only remember how I kept complaining to my friends about how unlucky I was, and posting hands on msn showing pots where I lost with AA v KK. I seriously thought I was the most unlucky person in the world. Nobody else had ever experienced this in the same way as me. I basically thought that it was practically theorically (blablacally) impossible to lose with the best hand. And when it happened, I used to educate like *biib* on the chat. Swearing and cursing (and giving free lessons). But when I sucked out, I didn't think much about it. "That's just the way it's supposed to be". I said "ul", and I couldn't understand why this guy kept complaining. "What was there to complain about anyways?"Being out of the game for nearly two years has seriously damaged my bankroll, and I had to ask one of my close friends for help. Since I hadn't been playing for some time, I had to prove my worth. So we came to the conclusion that he send me money to play NL100, and we split the winnings 50/50. If we both were happy after three weeks, we could make another deal. I was really excited, and wasn’t thinking much about the (low) stakes. I just wanted to play. And I must say, I was really surprised by the level of competition, and how aggressive these players were. And three weeks later, we had a look, and we were both happy. So we continued our deal, but this time it was suppose to last two weeks, and if I did well, I got to play NL200.

The last two weeks seemed like two years, but again I didn’t run into any downswings, and consistently kept making money daily, and by the end of the two weeks, I’d made enough money to play NL200 with my own bankroll. I thanked my friend for believing in me, but I thought it was time for me to play with my own money. I have played NL200 for (exactly) 20 days, and it’s been good. In fact, so good that I’ve made a reasonable bankroll to try out NL500. So yesterday I decided to take a stab at it. Finally back to NL500! I’d been looking forward to this day for eight weeks(/years!)! I decided to play 6 tables. I sat down, and I recognize some players, and others were just total strangers. The very first hand I decide to really get involved with is JJ, I raise the normal pot size raise, get raised, and we end up all in. The opponent has 66. “I’m thinking to myself: “JACKPOT!”” – but… I lost. And I could hear betfair whisper in my ear: “Welcome back Tórður, welcome back!”

After playing for 316 minutes straight, I found myself $2.876,44 down (my EV was +$1.942,02). And the normal thoughts start spinning in my head, “I have to be the most unlucky person in the world?”, “Why couldn’t this have happened on NL200?”, “I’ll just withdraw all my money, and never play poker again!”. And of course I couldn’t sleep. Not because of the amount I’ve lost, but because of the self-pitying. The “I’m-so-unlucky-bu-hu-hu-!”-feeling. The normal “empty” feeling which is so hard to explain.In the heat of the moment, I gave the possibility of withdrawing all the money some seriously consideration, but after I’ve gathered my thoughts today, and sitting here looking at my bankroll – it’s okay. It’s not in danger. Yes, I’ve just lost nearly $3.000. Yes, it was only in 4 hours. Yes, I have to play NL200 again. Yes, it’s going to take some weeks or even months before I get to play NL500. But the fact is that I’ve still made more money than most working people would in eight weeks (considering taxes). Maybe human nature is playing tricks on me, but I know I beat the NL500 level by a decent amount of bb/100, but I just have to wait until it’s my turn. If I’m good enough, it will be my turn.Now I sit here and I’m thinking, “what’s the point of the post/article?”. And to be honest, I don’t really know.

It’s probably most of all because I don’t have the desire to play after yesterday’s results. I guess writing is a good way to express your thoughts. But hopefully it can help us to analyze our situation. Stop complaining about losses. Stop considering ourselves as Mr. Unlucky. There are bigger things happening outside the tables, and outside our tiny little brain. Appreciate the things you have. I have great girlfriend, great family, great friends, great social life. I’m alive and I’m healthy. And if I can make money on poker, it’s just a big, big bonus! Poker is much, but it’s not everything. Don’t let it affect your life away from the tables. Besides, in the long run I am paid hourly, and not if I win $2.000 today, and lose $3.000 tomorrow.That’s all for now. I’ll see you at the NL200 tables (unless some high roller reads this and wants to stake me. In that case, PM )

Over 'n out,Viva la Føroyar !

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Duffs 10K Gtd Report

Well I went to Duffs on Saturday after spending Friday with my daughter and family, I went to see Peter Pan at the theatre which was really enjoyable it is quite amazing how talented some young people are.

So after spending the night in Portsmouth it was just a short trip to the club.

On arriving Tony and the team had decked out the club in a Halloween theme and I have to say that it looked well. I was greeted by Carl's Mrs Mandy who is always very friendly and hospitable. The event had 30 runners so there was a big overlay to say the least, I have to say I was somewhat staggered by that especially with all the marketing that Tony and his team had done. I was also surprised that the only people that attended from the forum was myself, Penno and Doobs.

I swapped a % with Doobs before the tournament and he was at my opening table.

At my table I had an old guy calling any two cards and calling down pretty much anything, a kid to my right with ginger hair who thought that he was the next "big thing" and after four flushing a guy who bet every street hard thought that he was "world class". Doobs was steadily increasing his stack whilst I was just playing super tight I don't think I played one hand for the first two levels. So my image was pretty much there which was part of the strategy and would help in the later stages. When I mean that I didn't get a hand believe me my range is pretty wide to enter pots so no Pocket pairs, not even suited connectors NADA. Oh sorry there was one hand where I had a battle of the blinds with the old guy and had 88 I called him down to the turn knowing that I was ahead only for him to show me the rivered set of 7's which I put him on.

The pot was relatively small and when the old guy turned over his rivered set I mucked only for the ginger kid with a teddy bear hoodie to ask to see my cards when it was pretty obvious what I had. I remained disciplined though and just turned them over without any aggro but perhaps one day he will find someone a little less accommodating.

Finally in level 4 I raise the button the first time I have opened a pot and the guy in the Big Blind goes mad and tells me to "back off and stay away from my big blind". I really didn't know how to take this as he is either thick as shit due to his observation skills or he is a complete prick. I would most likely go with the former. I was actually praying for a hand on the next lap so that I could open again however Doobs took care of him and knocked him out.

We then had a big stack replace him and he was very active, however Doobs was generally picking bits and pieces off him. I was now playing about 9k and it was folded around to me on the button and I raised with ACE 3s to 2k blinds 200 400 and the Big Blind set me in. After a bit of time I decided to pass and the guy told me later he had a big ace so was the correct fold. My exit hand came against the same guy as I was just looking for a spot. He raised UTG and I was in the small blind with Ace Rag and felt that it was time to shove needless to say on this occasion he actually did have a hand 10 10 and with no help I was a goner.

Needless to say the same move was carried out by Carl ( mandylou) a short time later and he trippled up with A5 vs AK and KK, actually he quadrupled up as the original caller of his shove passed his AQ. Carl along with Doobs both spiked their one outer Ace and carl hitting his 5 on the river. Just goes to show you that no matter how bad a shape you think you are in there is always a chance.

I had a % in Doobs and he had a big stack which seemed to be getting diminished somewhat as he is what I would call an active player and likes to get in marginal situations but seems to play them well. Doobs is a decent fella however as with any tournament he starts off really quietly and then seems to get louder and louder as the blinds increase. I don't know if he has an inbuilt poker system that is programmed within him but his laugh also gets louder as well. Anyway I stayed and railed him and he was very short and had to open jam but was pretty much getting muck every hand so he went in blind UTG and the BB called with his Ace rag to find Doobs live with 4 7 which he hit.

Soon after Doobs was off to the final table and with his short stack was pushing quite a bit and getting through it paid top 5 so with 3 knocked out the table decided to take £200 off the top and give that to the bubble. Doobs then pushed UTG and the BB who didnt have that many chips deliberated how much to call and with two other short stacks made what I thought was extremely marginal call with QJ. Doobs had AJ and the guy hit a broadway straight on the flop so it was goodnight. I really didn't like the call but perhaps I am just saying that based on the result. Doobs then very kindly gave me a lift home and I was absolutely knackered and so was Doobs as he was pulled over by the police and breathalised for driving with no lights on !!!! LOL...

So that was my time at Duffs which was greatly enjoyed although without drinking was a very long day if anyone hasn't been I strongly advise you pay a visit. I still haven't had a drink for over 6 months now and I am just about sticking with it with numerous temptations that are put my way. Finally the jackpots on Sunpoker are now standing at 195k for the $50 and 100k for the $25 and if anyone needs an account with a good rate please drop me a line. ( e mail at the top).

Cheers all.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Update - Shit or Bust

Well it was bust :-(

Can't be bothered boring you with the details of how unlucky I was etc etc.

I am defo going to stick to poker for now as I now have a fresh lease of life.

I shall be playing at Duffs on saturday in his 10k gtd so hoping for a cash there.

Details can be found here;

I shall put together a report on my return.

Cheers all.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Update 80p to 8k Challenge

Cricket: £4.46 Rugby Union: £0.97 Soccer: £22.66 Total P&L: £28.09

Total available: £49.44

I got very lucky in this match

Soccer / Hungary U20 v Costa Rica U20 : Match Odds 16-Oct-09 16:00 16-Oct-09 17:53 8.29

I had laid Costa Rica and they scored with 10 mins left so I would have taken a big hit so I said feck it and laid them again.

Ok so Saturday will be a big day however if I can get my exit points correct and also scalp the markets effectively I shall aim for £100.

Good Luck all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Results as promised On New Challenge

Soccer / USA v Costa Rica : Match Odds15-Oct-09 01:05 15-Oct-09 03:01 2.44
Soccer / Uruguay v Argentina : Over/Under 2.5 goals14-Oct-09 23:00 15-Oct-09 01:05 1.26
Soccer / Uruguay v Argentina : Match Odds14-Oct-09 23:00 15-Oct-09 01:04 2.60
Soccer / Uruguay v Argentina : Half Time14-Oct-09 23:00 14-Oct-09 23:52 0.72
Soccer / Peru v Bolivia : Over/Under 2.5 goals14-Oct-09 21:00 14-Oct-09 22:57 0.42
Soccer / England v Belarus : Over/Under 3.5 Goals14-Oct-09 20:00 14-Oct-09 21:49 0.24
Soccer / Czech Republic v Northern Ireland : Over/Under 1.5 Goals14-Oct-09 19:30 14-Oct-09 21:28 0.76
Soccer / Poland v Slovakia : Match Odds14-Oct-09 19:30 14-Oct-09 21:26 -0.45
Soccer / Switzerland v Israel : Match Odds14-Oct-09 19:00 14-Oct-09 21:09 0.45
Soccer / Rep of Ireland v Montenegro : Over/Under 1.5 Goals14-Oct-09 19:00 14-Oct-09 20:57 0.22
Soccer / Poland v Slovakia : Half Time14-Oct-09 19:30 14-Oct-09 20:18 0.31
Soccer / Switzerland v Israel : Half Time14-Oct-09 19:00 14-Oct-09 19:47 0.29
Soccer / Greece v Luxembourg : Over/Under 1.5 Goals14-Oct-09 19:00 14-Oct-09 19:34 0.43
Soccer / Azerbaijan v Russia : Over/Under 2.5 goals14-Oct-09 17:00 14-Oct-09 19:00 0.52
The Draw 1.272.00Lay14-Oct-09 18:14 2.00
*Average odds: On Off Back subtotal:0.00
Lay subtotal:2.00
Market subtotal:2.00
Commission @ 4.5%:0.09
Net Market Total:1.91
cer / Kazakhstan v Croatia : Match Odds

Fixtures 14 October Kazakhstan v Croatia / Match Odds / The Draw

71350 Rake Back Oct P1 (RBK1)

So as you can see from the above it was actually rakeback where I think I played one game of poker last month.

Latest Update

I am still going and last night after circuit training and running around a gym like a madman I traded the following;

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 markets
Start time
Settled date
Profit/loss (£)
Snooker / Higgins v Hendry : Match Odds
15-Oct-09 20:40
15-Oct-09 22:57
Snooker / Frame Betting : Frame 05
15-Oct-09 20:40
15-Oct-09 22:44
Snooker / Frame Betting : Frame 04
Start time
Settled date
Profit/loss (£)
Cricket / Bangalore v Victoria : Match Odds
15-Oct-09 15:30
15-Oct-09 18:21
Soccer / England U16 v Wales U16 : Match Odds
15-Oct-09 19:40
15-Oct-09 21:18
15-Oct-09 20:40
15-Oct-09 22:31

So the balance is currently;

Total available: £21.35

So fropm 80p to £21.35 in a couple of days aint too bad so I will need to really go for it this weekend and to coin a phrase Shit or Bust. I won't be playing any horse markets ever I have discipline installed now in regards to this as this used to be a massive leak.

My main aim is to hit £250 by the end of the month and once I do that will withdraw £200 for my daughters birthday. I know that some people might think I am being "overconfident" with just £20 but I have done this on many an occasion.

If that target is reached then I will try and spin it up to 8k ( why the hell not).

Ok that is all for now.



14-Oct-09 16:30 14-Oct-09 18:23 1.91

Apologies new challenge !! 80p to 8k !

I know that I said I would update my blog on a regular basis and I am now going to keep to this whilst I try out a new challenge.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Betfair 80p to 8k challenge.

I logged into my betfair account yesterday and mysteriously found 80p in it.

Anyway I decided to have a small blast at spinning it up and laid the draw in the Croatia game and boooooom it came in. So I traded a few other matches and needless to say I got them right and will post my results later so that you don't think I am telling porkies ;-)

Just before I went to bed I laid Costa Rica against the USA and checked the result this morning to find that they were 2-0 up at half time and drew 2-2. Phew !!! I also had unders in the argentina game along with laying Uruguay. It is amasing how much you can get involved in with a small amount.

I haven't been able to check my account yet but I think it currently stands around the £12 mark but will update this tomorrow.

So that is it for now apart from I am still off the booze - 6 months now and just recently completed the palace to palace bike ride along with the London triahlon a few months back.

One other thing that I shall be doing is playing in Duffs sat to his halloween event on Sunpoker which starts at 8pm tonight. There is a gtd seat and if Duffs and Penno aree playing extra added value.

Cheers all,


Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Everyone

Well seeing as Highstacks has decided to bring back his blog I might as well follow suit.

I shall try and keep this updated as much as possible probably twice a week and try not to spam too much :-)

So what's been happening? well I am currently not playing poker at the moment as I have lots of other things on. To be honest I have quite enjoyed the break.

Anyway that is all for now but shall keep the updates as detailed below.

On a final note if anyone is interested in a £2000 Live Freeroll ( well £3 admin fee) on Saturday it starts at 14.00 hrs at Duffs Full House in Waterlooville. So if you are around that area pop along you will not be disappointed.

The website address is

Ok have a good weekend everyone,



Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Promo on I poker !!! and other stuff.

Well since my last post I have been cashing on a regular basis in the Mtts but no big cashes as yet. Last week I finished 22nd in the 250k on the big slick ( I poker) and I have qualified for that tonight for $50 !!

The other thing is that I am also running good in terms of % swaps and had 20% in my mate Joffy who finished 3rd in the 50k.

From next month I poker are running a fantastic promotion please contact me if you wish to open an account with superb VIP loyalty bonuses.

:: Febonanza Promotion
I. Cash tables race
♠ Starting February 1st, iPoker will give out a total of $400,000 to our cash table players.

♠ Players will be ranked in leader boards, by points derived from the gross revenue each player
generated in cash tables during the leaderboard period.

♠ There will be one counting period of 28 full days, starting February 1st 2009 at 00:00, ending
February 28th 2009, at 23:59:59.

♠ A sum of $400,000 will be divided between the 300 players with highest rank at the end of that

♠ The leaderboard is per the above period, spanning all stake levels, game and bet types, as
detailed below.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Leaderboard Points are counted for each player who was dealt cards in a hand, and in which rake
was taken from that hand. Players who were seated out of a raked hand will not have that hand
counted towards this promotion’s leaderboard points.

2. In case there is a tie between players’ leaderboard points in paid places, all players with that
number of points will be issued an average amount of their prize (as per their positions).

3. iPoker reserves the right to refuse payment to any player which is found colluding or slow playing.

4. Players will be paid for reaching the money on an ongoing 28 full day’s leaderboard, within seven
working days of that leaderboard end time. (End time is February 28th, 2009 at 00:00).

5. All raked hands will be counted, regardless of stake levels, game type or bet type.

6. Accounts cannot be utilized from more than 2 different serial numbers (“machine ID”).

7. All decisions as made by iPoker are final.
Cash tables leaderboard ‐ February 1st – February 28th
• 300 Players with the most points during the counting period in cash tables will receive money
into their poker account by this structure:

Place Prize

1 $20,000.00
2 $15,000.00
3 ‐ 5 $10,000.00
6 ‐ 10 $7,000.00
11 ‐ 15 $5,000.00
16 ‐ 20 $3,000.00
21 ‐ 25 $2,000.00
26 ‐ 75 $1,500.00
76 ‐ 125 $1,000.00
126 ‐ 300 $750.00

II. Golden Hands Bonuses

A Golden hand occurs every 1,000,000 hands, and hands are counted as per the consecutive hand ID.
The prizes will be split between the winner and the participants of the hand, as per the below table. The winner of the hand will walk away with the prize money, while all participants in the hand will split an identical amount (including the winner of the hand).

Table Stakes
Winner Players in Hand Split
Fixed NL/PL
Micro $0.02/$0.04 ‐ $0.10/$0.20 $0.01/$0.02 ‐ $0.05/$0.10 $65.00 $65.00

Low $0.25/$0.50 ‐ $1/$2 $0.10/$0.20 ‐ $0.50‐$1.00 $250.00 $250.00

Med $2/$4 ‐ $5/$10 $1/$2 ‐ $2/$4 $1,000.00 $1,000.00

High $10/$20 and up $3/$6 and up $3,000.00 $3,000.00

♠ The “Golden Hand” with the highest hand rank among all “Golden Hands” will be dubbed as
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♠ The “Golden Hand” with the lowest hand rank among all “Golden Hands” will be dubbed as
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Terms & Conditions:
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2. The first “Golden Hand” will be the first hand with a round million hand ID number. For
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3. Winner of “Golden Hands” will take a sum of money as per the above table.

4. All participants of “Golden Hands” will split an amount as per the above table. The winner will
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5. Players must be dealt cards on the hand in order to be eligible for the bonus. Players sitting out
will not be eligible. Players passing on blinds will not be eligible as well.
6. The hand ID’s are determined by the number assigned to them by our system, as they appear on
the table (on the top‐left corner).
7. Tournament hands do not participate in this promotion (they are assigned different hand ID’s).
8. Winning hands will be published by our cardrooms and their affiliates. Players who do not agree to this will not be entitled to the prizes.

9. If a winning hand has two winners or more, they will divide the sum of the winner bonus and the participating players’ bonus. For example: 5 players in micro table, winner takes $65.
Participating players split $65 ($13 each). Two winners will take $45.5 each ‐ ($65+$13+$13)/2.

10. Winners of the “Platinum” and “Black” Hands will receive a bonus as detailed above, in addition to the Golden Hand bonus.

11. Only golden hands that reached the “showdown” will be eligible to win the “Platinum” and
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12. A “Golden Hand” is eligible for the “Platinum Hand” prize, only if both hole cards were used at showdown. Platinum Hand” and “Black Hand” will consist of 2 hole cards and 3 community

13. The “Black Hand” will be the weakest hand to win a “Golden Hand” at showdown.

14. All decisions as made by iPoker are final.
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Sunday $250,000 Guaranteed events during February, will win a token to the $2,500,000
Guaranteed event, which will take place on March 8th, 2009.
• Players who will play the whole four $250,000 Guaranteed events during February, will
be eligible to participate in a $2,500,000 guaranteed freeroll, regardless of their finishing
position. The freeroll will give away 10 seats to the $2,500,000 Guaranteed event.
Terms & Conditions:
1. The four $250,000 events to be counted in this promotion are: Feb 1st, Feb 8th, Feb 15th, and Feb
2. Tokens are non‐refundable, non transferable, and cannot be converted to cash.
3. Players who will win a token to the $2,500,000 Guaranteed will be automatically registered by
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4. Players who will win a token to the $2,500,000 Guaranteed freeroll, will be automatically
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5. iPoker will not compensate for any token that wasn’t used in practice by the winning player

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